Customer Support & Help Desk

The NEURON Team supports its products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This includes email support and a 24/7 hotline. All emails and calls are tracked in our proprietary issue tracking software. NEURON software has inbuilt monitoring and an automated email is sent to our support team if any issue is flagged. Remote access details for all customers are maintained and used for troubleshooting and software upgrades. Periodic site visits to are provided to check effective operations of the NEURON system.


NEURON Newsroom offers user and administrator trainings to ensure everyone involved with the system becomes familiar with the functions.
In addition to the training, a user guide is provided which includes a detailed explanation of all aspects of the system. For more complicated issues, there is always our support team to find solutions or to assist in any problems.


Offshore Software Solution

We also offer web e-commerce solutions, offshore software solutions, application development outsourcing, web design solutions, corporate logo design, quality assurance services, and Search Engine Optimization.

Software Consulting Services

Courtesy of certified experts of different domain, we offer high quality software consulting services. We have dedicated team for different technologies and not limited to the scale of projects.