NMs (NEURON -Newsroom management System ) Features

Real Time Messenger

This feature allows users to send, receive and reply to messages along with providing them with the option to send and receive SMS as well. The user can also publish these messages on social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook.

SMS Integration

Extends your newsroom from office building to the world with Neuron SMS integration and WAP client.

Script Editor

This feature lets users create and organize stories in folders and shifts. The user can link and move stories from one folder to another. The script editor area provides reporters and editors with a multiple column interface for both broadcast and web copy along with providing options for CGI elements, images and play-out video content to be attached.


The script editor option can accommodate any workflow for creating, editing and delivering news content. Users can attach all media objects to a respective story and the system takes care of the management.

Data Receiver

Collects news wires and feeds from multiple news agencies and presents them in single uniform forms. This enables the user to seamlessly search for the required content.

WAP Client (Mobile Access)

Neuron WAP client helps its reporter file stories directly from their handheld devices.

MIS Reporting

Offers feature of reporting for management decision making (NEEDS FURTHER CLARIFICTION).

Rundown Creator

Helps news producers create, edit and manage bulletin rundowns. This feature provides all necessary tools to producers to drag and drop stories from different folders and arranging them in time specific rundowns. A single click activates the rundown on all respective MOS devices and also provides the option for web publishing.


Web CMS Integration

Neuron web feeds can be used with content management system (CMS) to directly send stories to websites. So with a single click the rundown (bulletin) goes both on TV and Web Site.

Neuron WAP client helps its reporter file stories directly from their handheld devices.


Unicode Compliant

Neuron works with all Unicode supported languages.

MOS Protocol Compliant

Neuron is among the leading newsroom systems and the only regional newsroom system that complies with the broadcast industry standard protocol (MOS i.e. Media Object Server protocol used to integrate Newsroom System with broadcast devices e.g. CG, Playout, Prompter etc) for its integration with full range of broadcast devices.

MOS Gateway

Neuron supports MOS Protocol 2.6 & 2.8.1. Neuron is successfully integrated with many MOS compliant devices e.g. BDL Autoscript, Wasp3D, Vizrt etc.

Enterprise Integration

Neuron can be integrated with ERP and other existing enterprise systems through web services.



Neuron has been developed in the real time environment of a Newsroom with the help of Reporters, Rundown Producers and Editors. It is developed to help users manage their task in a time efficient manner.

Awards Achievement

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