Company Profile

Neuron Management Services Pvt. Ltd founded in 2008 with vision to provide cutting edge software services to broadcast industry. Ever since Neuron not only provided software solution to its local industry but also gain recognition in the region as well.

Neuron success story started with its groundbreaking product Neuron Newsroom Management System. Neuron NMS has been deployed in number of TV channels.
Neuron now offers different products catering variety of industries.

Mission and Values

The Neuron team makes constant updates to all its products along with providing its clientele expertise in how to gain the most from their newsroom.

The company offers 24/7 customer service for its clientele and provides them with solutions which may arise during the use of our products.


CEO Message

The vision behind Neuron is to provide industry with cost effective software solutions. Neuron strength is its commitment to provide its customer 24/7 support services in their own regional languages. 
We always strived that our clients achieve best ROI against our services.